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                  over 30 years of activity

Gruppo 85 – Skupina 85 was born thirtytwo years ago laying on the wish of Slovene and Italian friends who wanted to promote a natural, free and sincere common life for the main two cultural groups in Triest. Among the founders we find:

Pavle Merkω – musician, composer, linguist
Fulvio Tomizza – writer
Claudio Magris – essayist
Boris Pahor – writer
Alojz Rebula – writer
Paolo Budinich – phisician
Elvio Guagnini – university profesor in Italian literature
Lojze Spacal – painter
Claudio Palcic – painter
Fabio Nieder – musician, composer
Tullio Weber - phisician

They represent the literary, artistic and scientific world of the town.
Unique in Triest to represent a real cooperation among Italian and Slovene world in this area, through cultural events, meeting with writers, poets, artists, and then excursions, visits to cultural sites both Italian and Slovene in town, conferences, informal meetings, Gruppo 85 – Skupina 85 works to reach his aims: getting each other consciuos of the reciprocal richness and of the reciprocal influences in making the town growing up and developping.
In the last years Gruppo 85 – Skupina 85 also cooperates with other cultural, religious and ethnic groups in the town - like Reformed Churches, orthodox communities, Jewish, Armenian and Islamic community, Istrians and Croatians, Baanadiri Somalian community, is in touch with Chinese and Senegal community, got the approvement of some public institutions and gained new friends from cultural and scientific world – like for instance Margherita Hack (astrofisician), Predrag Matvejević (essayst), Diego Marani (writer), Khaled Fouad Allam (sociologist), Juan Octavio Prenz (poet), MIlan Rakovac (journalist) and other personalities from the academic world of several European countries.

the president