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Thursday, 28th September - Walter Benjamin. I Passages quali figura della Vergänglichkeit.

A conversation about the last work of the great German filosopher.



Sunday, may 28th - Jewish places in Fulvio Tomizza's novels

A literary walk with the writer through the town, as in the novel L'albero dei sogni (The dreams tree) and others, to reach Via del Monte Str.



Saturday, April the 1st - Waters toward the town

Guided excursion alaong the two water streams coming downtown from the suburbian valleys of Rozzol and Longera.



Wednesday, 7th September - Official Opening of VILENICA 2016

On Wednesday, at 6.30 p.m., at Kosovel Cultura Center in Sežana (Slovenija), the 31st International Literary Festival will be opened.



Tuesady, 6th September - VILENICA 2016 pre-opening event in Trieste. Guests: Aleš Berger (Slovenia)and Ülar Ploom (Estonia)

The 31st edition of VILENICA International Literary Festival will be opened in Trieste.



Monday, 16th May - Re-thinking walls

Waiting for Forum Tomizza 2016 a new interesting debate



Thursday 12th May - Fughe incrociate (Crossing flights)

A debate on Fulvio Tomizza's novel about conversions, prejudices, religions



Saturday, May 7th - Tomizza's Trieste: Miriam's town

Forum Tomizza 2016: events and initiavies waiting the Forum are starting



on Sunday 21st - Multicultural Trieste: looking for the Slovene presence in the town

Fifth event in "Culture again in focus". A stroll downtown along the Slovene presence in Trieste. Start point: Square Liberta' (Railway Station Square), at 10.30 a.m. near the monument to empress Sissi



on Wednesday, 17th February - How to become Slovene in 50 minutes

Fourth event of the cycle "Culture again in focus"



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